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Attorney Sonia Komisar Biography


I wasn’t born a lawyer.  I took what they call an unconventional route to becoming a lawyer.  My life and path to becoming a lawyer has given me a certain perspective and approach to the law, one that is pragmatic and utilitarian.

I am from a small town of about 800 people in Western Wisconsin.  Actually, I grew up on a farm outside of town which I visit twice a month as my mother, brothers and their families still reside there.  I have lived in Madison since moving here to complete my undergraduate degree in 1991.  I raised my daughter as a single parent while completing my undergraduate degree, attending MATC to obtain a paralegal certificate, working as a paralegal for 4 years and then attending law school at the University of Wisconsin at the age of 32.  As I went to school and worked, my daughter made her way through the public schools of Madison’s north and east sides and also graduated from the University of Wisconsin.   

Before turning my focus to elder abuse and more specifically elder financial exploitation and victim services, I worked for 15 years as a divorce and bankruptcy attorney.  My entire practice was working with clients under extreme financial and emotional distress in federal and state courts.  I have always worked with a culturally and financially diverse clientele in Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding counties.  Most of my clients were under 150% of the poverty level. 

I have always been committed to providing legal services that everyone could afford.

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