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We Need Your Help Now to Support WI Assembly Bill 184 To Protect Vulnerable Patients from a Harmful Insurer Pricing Scheme

For years, Wisconsin patients - including many with chronic illnesses - have received valuable copay assistance for prescriptions, reducing their out-of-pocket costs and counting toward their yearly insurance deductible. However, profit-driven health insurers wanted more and are callously ending the process – no longer counting those payments toward deductibles. The result? Insurers boost their profits while struggling and vulnerable patients pay dearly with soaring out-of-pocket costs. It’s cruel, unfair and Wisconsin must do better now.

AB 184 - Wisconsin’s Copay Accumulator Bill is the Answer

AB 184 will require insurers and health plans to count the value of copay assistance toward the
out-of-pocket costs of patients. Twelve states and Puerto Rico have already passed similar laws and it’s time for our state to hold insurance companies accountable. Greedy insurers shouldn’t be allowed to profit off patients who desperately need affordable, life-saving medications.


Now - 

                    Please send it! That’s it! We really appreciate all your efforts on this and know it will make a difference! Thank you! If you would like to help us further in the future, please drop an email to and follow us on Facebook for updates at or on Twitter @CWAGWisconsin

This project is supported by a grant from Pfizer

How Can I Help? Please send an email below!

Quick, Easy, Simple

Dear members of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Health:

My name is [xxxxx] and I live at [address]. I’m writing to let you know that I firmly support AB 184. For years, insurance companies have allowed copay assistance on medications to count as cost sharing toward insurance deductibles, which has helped reduce out-of-pocket costs for many people like me. Only recently have they cruelly decided they will no longer count these, leaving patients to cover that additional cost. It is smoke and mirrors to make them more profits and leave patients who simply cannot afford it holding the bag. 

[Explain your personal story. Ex. I have [Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Arthritis, Cancer, Hemophilia, other] and am dependent on lifesaving medications. Copay assistance has helped me dramatically over the years to reduce my medication costs. If insurers don’t allow this assistance to count toward my coverage, my out-of-pocket costs will skyrocket and limit my access to prescriptions that I need to live a quality life.]

Because of this new insurance company directive, I am now forced to pay thousands of dollars more every year because my medications that I’ve always expected would be covered fairly by my insurer, will no longer do that as they’ve changed the rules to make more profit. For years, copay assistance was a good thing and suddenly they want to take away a benefit from those who need it the most. It’s terrible and why this law is so sorely needed. Please support AB 184. 


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