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From Robert M. Gundermann

     President/Executive Director

     Thank you for visiting our website and considering a membership for CWAG. Your membership allows us to educate and advocate for health and aging issues that impact all of us.

     This session we are advancing Step Therapy/Prior Authorization bills that creates an exception process to a step therapy protocol and sets a time frame for an insurer to make a decision on a step therapy exemption request.  These bills have passed out of committee and are available for Senate and Assembly floor votes at the time of this writing.

     Other initiatives we are supporting include a bill to change the definition of smoking to include vaping devices, legislation to create a palliative care council, a bill to remove the “gag clause” imposed on pharmacists that prevents them from telling customers when they could purchase medications more cheaply out of pocket than by using insurance, a bill that would make assaulting a nurse performing her duties a felony, a Certified Nursing Assistant Pay Act, a Caregiver Tax Credit and many more!

     Coalition members are alerted when advocacy efforts are needed, and your voice really does make a difference.  We are listening to our members as well. If there are specific health or aging issues you want us to take on, we want to hear from you!           The issues we take on are issues that bubble up from our membership and we address Wisconsin problems with Wisconsin solutions.

Please consider joining us and help make Wisconsin a healthier place to age!


Membership Levels: 

Individuals $40.00

Family      $50.00

Non-profit  $75.00

Business    $150.00

Select the membership level from the pull down menu and click on the Subscribe Button for secure payment. 


Make checks payable to CWAG and mail to 

Coalition of WI Aging & Health Groups

30 West Mifflin St Suite 406

Madison, WI 53703

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