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Four Indicted for Equifax Data Breach


For more than two years, CWAG has been working with victims of the Equifax data breach to protect them from further effects of this crime. Now the US has charged four members of China's military with the crime. This makes it look like part of the Chinese government's effort to acquire business and technology secrets in the U.S. and around the world.


For crime victims in Wisconsin, this highlights the need to further protect your identity, especially when you work with or interact with organizations involved in technology or other businesses. This may include changing and strengthening your passwords on email and other business-related accounts and adding two-factor authentication


If you have security questions on your accounts, the data stolen in the Equifax breach may make it easier to hack your account. Secure answers to security questions would not  involve past addresses or names of family members, because those items are exactly what was stolen from your credit file.


You may also be at risk for telephone or email spoofing or phishing. Please continue to watch the CWAG website for more ways to protect yourself from the Equifax data breach.

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