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Elder Financial Empowerment Project

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Are you being financially exploited or know an elder who may be?

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John Hendrick, Director of our Elder Financial Empowerment Program, 

addresses some components of  the Wisconsin Department Of Justice New Plan To Combat Elder Financial Abuse, in this WPR interview: 

The Elder Financial Empowerment Project  provides information, advocacy, referral and victim services assistance to senior victims of financial exploitation.

To schedule a presentation for a group, please use our contact form and include all pertinent contact information. 

Financial exploitation, which is also known as material abuse, is the misuse of senior’s money or property by others. It includes deceiving a senior, diverting income, mismanaging funds and taking money, property and possessions against a senior’s will. Adult children, grandchildren, other relatives, caregivers, acquaintances or friends sometime commit these acts. 

Financial exploitation also includes identity theft and medical fraud. 


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Are you a victim of financial abuse or know someone

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