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The Coalition of Wisconsin Aging & Health Groups is a strong advocate on behalf of seniors. We provide direct victim services around issues affecting seniors through the programs of the Elder Law Center : 

Elder Financial Empowerment Project and the

Wisconsin Identity Theft Coalition 

CWAG also provides education and services at the local, state and national levels through training and publications. The Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups  recognizes the financial constraints facing many of Wisconsin's seniors and provides  its services free of charge.

We support seniors and those advocating for them with resource connections.

If you have a question about guardianship in general, please contact:
Guardianship Support Center
Toll-Free Helpline (855) 409-9410   or email:


If you are specifically looking for help for a "ward" who is over 60 and a victim of a financial crime, contact:        Elder Financial Empowerment Project

Toll-Free Helpline (800) 488-2596  or use our confidential contact form

Are you a victim of financial abuse or know someone

who is?  

Call us: 


or contact us through our confidential form