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Equifax Data Breach Settlement

Victims of the Equifax data breach have several options under the settlement announced July 22, 2019. Ever since this financial crime was revealed, CWAG’s Elder Financial Empowerment Project has held clinics around Wisconsin to assist victims of the most serious data breach in US history. Because Equifax is a credit reporting agency which has extensive personal and confidential information and because the majority of all US adults are confirmed to be victims, our victim assistance efforts have been substantial.

Our seven-step recovery plan for each victim has included a) determining if you are a victim; b) freezing your credit report with all three agencies and c) watching for the chance to join a class action lawsuit. This chance has now arrived. Victims can choose free credit monitoring (not as good as a free credit freeze but worthwhile) or a cash settlement of up to $125 (probably much less) or reimbursement for actual expenses (requires detailed documentation). 


If you have questions about your options, please call the Elder Financial Empowerment Project at 1 (800) 488-2596.

Link to File Claim online                              

Printable Settlement Claim Form

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