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Wisconsin Immunization Advocacy Coalition 

Guiding Principles


The mission of WIAC is to protect the health of Wisconsin residents by optimizing the rates of vaccination and promoting vaccine safety and efficacy.



Our vision is to protect more people against more and new diseases by expanding the reach of immunization to every eligible person in Wisconsin. We believe immunization should be high on every health agenda for those in age groups beyond infancy.


Guiding Principles

We believe in science and the overwhelming evidence that vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective.


We believe that when Wisconsinites immunize, we as a community demonstrate our good citizenship by looking out for one another, especially those who are the most vulnerable.


The purpose of WIAC is to form a wide-ranging collaborative group of invested stakeholders to reduce barriers to vaccines, distribute science-based immunization information and encourage evidence-based vaccine policy.  

We will achieve this by:

  1. Providing science-based information about vaccine safety and efficacy. 

  2. Serving as a resource for accurate immunization information.

  3. Informing the public about the importance of staying up to date on all recommended vaccines, including the HPV vaccine and annual flu vaccines, according to the CDC recommended schedule.

  4. Advocating for science-based immunization policy.

  5. Promoting herd immunity and informing policy makers and the public about what that entails and the physical, social and economic benefits of achieving that important level of protection.


Coalition Membership

Membership in WIAC is open to any group or organization who will help us achieve our mission and goals. 

Steering Committee

Steering Committee will be comprised of representatives of key partner organizations and will be responsible for overall governance of WIAC.  


Scientific Advisory Committee

The Steering Committee will convene a Scientific Advisory Committee as needed for the purposes of reviewing educational materials.  

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